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Control system interface

Course Description

This course introduces the concepts of Programmable Logic Controllers and Programmable Automation Controllers via a combination of wiring, programming, and troubleshooting exercises. These topics will expose the student to the various ways that inputs and outputs are handled within the Controller, how to navigate the logic, and how to locate each of these components within a project. 

When finished with this course, the student will learn to connect to an existing controller, navigate the logic, and troubleshoot both digital and analog I/O. The goal is to teach students everything they need to know to make a PLC do what you want it to do. Our Hands-On Industrial Control Training panel is loaded with real electrical control devices, the most common devices used in industry today!

What you will learn

  • Understand the basics of control systems and PLC processor 
  • Understand how to use ladder logic programming
  • Use PLC hardware such as I/O module 
  • Simulating an industrial system with PLC Logics  
  • Program real-world example projects 
  • PLC wiring concepts & troubleshooting

Who should take this course?

  • Mechatronics Engineers 
  • Electrical/ Electronics Engineers 
  • Manufacturing Technicians 
  • Operators 
  • Contractors working with HMI development  
  • Engineering Students

Upcoming Training Dates

4-day Hands-On  

PLC Basics and Fundamentals Training 

Space is limited

The registration for this training happens through CSU Channel Islands.

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